The Animal Consciousness Foundation says China wants to kill cats to look good for the Olympics. Animal welfare groups are protesting the animal death camps for cats on the edge of the city in Beijing. Cats are being left to die in one of the most inhuman acts I’ve ever heard of. People are killing cats in the street from fear of a government campaign warning of the diseases cats carry. Cat are being hauled off in cages to meat markets.

How can something like this be happening in our day and age? Hearing about all those poor cats being killed in such inhumane ways is unbelievably unsettling. These cats have just as much right to live as any other creature on this planet. These disgusting acts are incomprehensible! This has to stop. Voice your outrage.

You can find out what you can do in this article from the Animal Consciousness Foundation.

This article about the Beijing death camps for cats has more information and shows the grim reality of the situation.

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