Cat Sounds that Manipulate Humans

You may already be aware of you cat’s trickiness, but we found an interesting article on researchers studying cat sounds who have discovered that cats are using a soliciting purr to bend us to their will. Whether it’s for attention or food, cats have found...

Circle the Cat – an Addictive Fun Cat Game

Here is a fun, easy to play Cat Game called Circle the Cat. It’s one of those, easy to learn, difficult to master type games. Give it try and see if you can stop the cat from getting out of the game. It’s not easy. Click on the circles to make them dark...

The Strangest Cat Bed we have ever seen.

What a fun idea. It’s the strangest pet bed we’ve ever seen, but it looks like a fun cozy spot for your cat, especially if they have a shoe fetish like our cats do. This is the Sasquatch Pet Bed. It’s a giant Croc and it comes in a variety of colors....
The Wonderful World of Disney Cat Characters

The Wonderful World of Disney Cat Characters

Of all the Disney Characters, the cartoon cat or the Disney Cat has always been a part of Disney’s animated films. When I think about it, I don’t know of any Walt Disney animated movie that is without a cat in it at some point. Either as a main character,...

Waking up with a Cat

Here is one of a halarious series of Cat animations that take a humous look at cats and their owners. We really enjoyed this video of a cat waking up it’s owner. Enjoy!

The Secret Healing Powers of Cats

This is an interesting story that shows us just how amazing cats are. Scientists have recently discovered something new about a cats ability to heal themselves. While researching a mysterious neurological affliction in cats, scientists have found a cat surprising...

What makes a Cat tweet?

Twitter, that’s what. The Band of Cats have joined the huge community of other furry tweeters on Twitter. We already have lots of great followers and have found an amazing amount of cats to follow. Band of Cats on Twitter If you’re a cat or a cat lover on...
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