We took a look back at all the great pictures of cats that appeared on Band of Cats in 2007 and picked out some of the more memorable and popular photos. There were definitely lot’s of fun pics in 2007 (which made it hard to choose) and we had a blast taking them.

We’re looking forward to more great pictures of cats in 2008!

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So without further delay here is our ‘Best of 2007’ selection of pictures. If you had any of your own favorites that didn’t make our list, send us a comment and let us know which ones they were.

Pictures of Cats - Sita the cat in Vernon, B.C.”
Sita’s demonic yawn featured in ‘A Feline Basketcase‘ was a great shot in ’07.

Pictures of cats - Sita in the garden fountain
Sita does it again with this unique picture in Sita – Part 2.

Pictures of cats - Sita in the morning Sun
A sure favorite of Sita in the Vernon morning sun from Sita – Part 3.

One of our favorite ‘peaceful’ Jade images from ‘The Sun Cats of the lower south kitchen

Another memorable picture from ‘The Sun Cats of the lower south kitchen

Pictures of Cats - Couch Potato Cats
We loved this white on white shot with spooky from Is your Cat a Couch-Potato?

Pictures of cats - Spooky Tiger Halloween Costume
Spooky’s fantastic Halloween Costume was a big hit!

Pictures of Cats - Dax evil grin
Dax had some fun expressions in 2007 and this was one of his best from, our Halloween Oddities post!

Picture of Cats - Jade’s stairway Lookout
Our ‘Best of’ list wouldn’t be complete without Jade’s upside down antics from Jade conquers the living room.

Pictures of Cats - Jade - November 05
Jade’s unique drinking style makes the list from our first post in the Band of Cats 365 project.

Pictures of Cats - Jasmine - November 08
We can’t help laughing every time we see this pic of Jasime laughing from the Band of Cats 365 project for November 08.

Pictures of Cats - Hissing
Another unique shot of Jade hissing gets on the list ‘21 Cat Behaviors, 32 Cat Sounds and their Secret Meaning‘.

Pictures of Cats - Red in the Bed
The Mortensen Cats were a great addition to the Band of Cats Circle of friends. One of our favorite pictures was Red under the duvet from ‘Poetry in Motion – Meet the Mortensen Cats – Part 1‘.

Pictures of Cats - Jade - November 13
Jade just can wait for dinner to come to her. Another fav from ‘A Year of Cats – November 13‘.

Pictures of Cats - Cats - November 14
Raiding the food cupboard is another memorable picture from ‘A Year of Cats – November 14‘.

Pictures of Cats - Jade - November 15
Jade had a lot to say last year a we saw from ‘A Year of Cats – November 15‘. 2008 should be no different.

A Year of Cats - Dax - November 24
One of our favorite shots of Dax was this cute picture from ‘A Year of Cats – November 24‘.

Cats in windows - Jasmine
Jasmine spent plenty of time looking out the back window in 2007. This was our favorite window shot from ‘Cats in Windows‘.

Pictures of Cats - Daisy
Another great picture of Daisy with her little friends from ‘Poetry in Motion – Meet the Mortensen Cats – Part 2

Pictures of Cats - Jade running on empty
Jade had some memorable sleeps like this one from ‘Jade goes from high energy to no energy‘.

A Cat at play - Dax the power player
A nice tight portrait shot from ‘Dax: A Real Player‘.

A Cats point of view - Jasmine
This is another memorable picture of Jasmine strolling across the kitchen floor from ‘A Cat for a Day – a Cats point of view‘.

Pictures of Cats - Blanche
Another memorable picture of Blanche floating in a sea of gold and crimson from ‘Poetry in Motion – Meet the Mortensen Cats – Part 4‘.

A Year of Cats - Jade - December 22
What better picture to wrap up our ‘Best of 2007’ list than with Jade screaming her head off from ‘A Year of Cats – December 22‘.

Thanks again to all our visitors and readers of the Band of Cats. Have a very Happy New Year and we’ll see you all right here in 2008!

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