Are you looking for some fun Halloween Decoration Ideas? How about some Black Cat Decorations? As far as we’re concerned, no outdoor Halloween decorations or indoor Halloween Decorations for that matter are truly complete without a Black Cat in there somewhere. And you know as well as we do that it’s impossible to ignore all the cool black cat Halloween decorations available to choose from every Halloween.

Maybe it’s time to add a black cat decoration to your usual fair of ghosts, skeletons and grave stones. Halloween is a big deal around our area and everyone gets their decorations out early in October.

Some houses in our neighborhood look like they bought out the entire store and are completely loaded with every type of Halloween decoration you could imagine.

It’s always cool to see a Black Cat as a big inflatable on the front lawn, sitting on the porch railing or as a window hanging.

To make it easier to hunt down the right Black Cat for your Halloween decorating efforts this year, we’ve collected some of our favorite Black Cat Halloween Decorations. There is also a few Halloween Decorations with other types of Cats too. Check them out and pick out a Black Cat to add to your Halloween decorations this year.

Cat Halloween Decorations


Halloween Animated Inflatable Black Cat

11 Foot Tall Halloween Animated Inflatable Black Cat

This inflatable Black Cat is truly amazing. At 9 feet high no one will miss this big scary cat on your front lawn. A hefty price, but if you’re planning to go big this Halloween (an many more to come) this is the way to do it.


Foam Sitting Black Cat

Foam Sitting Black Cat

A great Black Cat to add to your Halloween Decorations this year either inside or outside to spook a few trick or treaters. Just don’t get into a staring contest with this Cat, you won’t win.


Airblown Animated Black Cat

Airblown Animated Black Cat

We have seen a couple of these Black Cats around our area and they look fantastic. The head moves back and forth. It actually freaked me out when I walked by. The head turned and I thought it was looking at me. Looks cool with the lights too. Great for the front lawn or even inside for parties, if you have the room.


Cat and Bats Window Sticker Halloween Decoration

Cat and Bats Window Sticker

If you have some nice big windows to decorate this Halloween then check out these Black Cat window stickers. I imagine they go on fairly easily although it may take two people to put them up. Not sure if they’re good for just one use or if you can remove them and reuse them for next year. For the price I don’t think it’s a big deal.


Cat Car Cling Party Accessory

Crazy Cat Car Cling

Here is another fun Black Cat window sticker or should I say cling. These can removed and reused. They will look pretty cool on the font windows. They’re made for the car actually. You’ll get lot’s of attention driving around with these crazy cats on your car this Halloween.


Halloween Cat Ornament - Russian Handcarving

Halloween Cat Ornament Russian Hand Carving

This Cat is more laid back than scary but nonetheless a nice decoration to have around during the Halloween season. I’m not sure exactly how big it is or if it’s for indoor or outdoor use. Either way would make a bit of a collectors item or a family keepsake due to the fact that it is hand painted and hand carved.


Halloween BOO Cat Double Sided Garden House Flag

Halloween BOO Cat Double Sided Garden House Flag

This flag looks very easy to set up at the front of the house. It has a nice festive design and it would certainly make a nice addition to your Halloween decorations. Not too big and not too small. We’re not sure what material it’s made out of, but we imagine it’s something that’s weather proof as well as mold and stain resistant being an outdoor item.


Jack-O-Black Cat Halloween Flag

Jack-O-Black Cat Halloween Garden Flag

What a fun happy pumpkin with a Black Cat in it’s mouth. Gotta love the hat too. There isn’t a message on this outdoor flag but the message is quite clear for everyone to have a blast this Halloween. It’s made of 100% polyester, printed in vibrant colors and is mold and fade resistant making it ideal for putting outside on the front lawn with your other Halloween decorations.


Scaredy Cat Always in Bloom Lighted Halloween Floral Centerpiece

Scaredy Cat Always in Bloom Lighted Halloween Floral Centerpiece

A very festive centerpiece for the table in your home filled with berry clusters, autumn leaves, “flying” bats and silky soft bouquet of life-like mums, daisies and sunflowers. Nestled amid the flowers is a hand-cast and hand-painted kitten sculpture with an adorable witch’s hat and emerald-green eyes that really glow in the dark.


Black Cat Halloween Pinata

Halloween Black Cat Pinata

A fun Black Cat Halloween Pinata. It doesn’t come with the goodies inside so you’ll have to fill it up. There’s always tons of candies on sale in October so that shouldn’t be a big deal. Don’t forget to grab on of these big Black Cats if you’re planning any big Halloween parties this year. Great fun for any office parties as well.


Green Eyed Black Cat Shaped Halloween Balloon

Green Eyed Black Cat Shaped Halloween Balloon

It’s a big Black Cat head mylar balloon. They’re lot’s of fun for Halloween parties and the part I like is that they last a long time so you can keep them around during the entire Halloween season.


Black Cat Halloween Sign

Black Cat Halloween Sign


Black Cat Witches Brew Halloween Sign

Black Cat Witches Brew Halloween Sign


Ooooh, scarey stuff, huh! We’re you scared? I was scared. Actually we hope you we’re more excited than scared and saw something you liked such as an inflatable Black Cat or a garden flag or something.

Whatever you liked here, be sure to click the Full Details link and read any customers reviews to be sure the decoration will be something you’ll be happy with. It’s no fun getting something you don’t expect and having to go through the whole return process. Now that’s scary. It’s easily avoided by doing a bit of reading before you buy.

We hope you find a fun, although, scary Black Cat Halloween Decoration this year to make the season all the more spooky. Happy shopping and have a frightfully safe Halloween everyone!


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Happy Halloween!


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