Halloween is on the way and the Band of Cats are very excited about it. There are all kinds of Halloween books for kids this year, but our favorites ones are about cats of course. Here is our list of Cat Halloween Books that will help you get into the Halloween mood. Have fun reading these books to your child this Halloween. Don’t forget to share it with your cat too!

Moonlight the Halloween Cat

Moonlight: The Halloween Cat
Follow Moonlight on her moonlit journey on a Halloween night. A cat’s eye view of Halloween with lots of stars, trick-or-treaters, jack-o’-lanterns and hay stacks. A non-scary Halloween book that’s great for young kids.
We just started reading this to our three year old. We have read it a number of times so far and he loves it each time we read it to him.


The Halloween Cat

The Halloween Cat (Dora the Explorer Ready-to-Read)
Help Dora return a lost black cat safely to it’s home. This is a great book featuring colorful autumn images of fallen leaves.
Boots, Map, and Backpack help Dora find the way past the Haunted House, the Spooky Forest to finally reach the Candy Castle where the Good Witch and the Black Cat live.


The Halloween Kittens

The Halloween Kittens
A beautifully illustrated book telling the story of how a group of kittens get into mischief while helping their mother and father get ready for a fun Halloween party.
This is another great pre-schooler book that any parent will enjoy reading to their child.


Cat Nights

Cat Nights
Cat Nights is a unique story about Felicity the witch. It’s her 263rd birthday and she has been given the magical powers to turn herself into a cat! There are limits to her powers and you’ll need to read the book to find out what happens.
Perfect for the Halloween season!


Halloween Cats

Halloween Cats (Read With Me)
This Halloween book is a great collection of fun rhymes with Cat witches, Cat clowns and Cat goblins. Halloween Cats is a wonderfully illustrated book about a group of trouble-making, trick-or-treating cats.


Pumpkin Cat

Pumpkin Cat
Pumpkin Cat is a heart warming story about a cat who finds shelter on a stormy October nigh in the ‘Returned Books’ bin of the local library. She makes a new friend and receives a special Halloween gift. This is a good book to read during the Halloween season. Although it’s not directly about Halloween, it’s packed with fall colors and endearing seasonal images.


Spookster the Halloween Cat

Spookster the Halloween Cat
This is a true story about a one-eared, black cat that has some exciting and strange Halloween adventures. No one wants Spookster, so he goes out in search of a home where he would be accepted for who he is. A real Halloween classic.


Jeoffry\'s Halloween

Jeoffry’s Halloween
Jeoffry’s Halloween is an irresistible Halloween story about a cat who becomes a hero to a couple of trick-or-treaters. They have lost their flashlights an need help finding their way home. The story takes place in a country setting full of huge pumpkins, golden fields, hills and dales. The artwork in the book is masterfully painted in soft, autumn hues to create a dreamy adventure for all.


Who Stole Halloween?

Who Stole Halloween?
A fun, action packed Halloween mystery adventure featuring graveyards, legends, misunderstandings and disappearing cats. If you’re child enjoys a well drawn, mystery storybook then this is a good one to have on the shelf.


Jenny\'s Moonlight Adventure

Jenny’s Moonlight Adventure
There’s a big celebration at the cat club on Halloween night but something has gone terribly wrong. Jenny has to think quickly and come up with a good plan to save the party. Will she do it?


Do you have a favorite Cat Halloween book? Please share it with us in the comments.

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