Here are some simple tips to help you prevent and or eliminate any problems you may be having with your cat and their litter box.

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  1. Keep your cat healthy with a good diet and proper exercise. Poor health can lead to cat litter box problems.
  2. Place your cat litter box in a quite area. Cats don’t like loud noises at anytime, especially when using their litter box. Be sure not too hide it away were you’ll forget about it. Make sure you keep it in a visible spot where you’ll remember to clean it regularly.
  3. Keep the litter box clean. Use a litter box that’s easy to clean. The most common reason your cat stops using the litter box is because it’s just too filthy to use. Clean the litter box regularly every couple of days. You’re cat will love you for it.
  4. For multi-cat homes, the general rule of thumb is one litter box per cat, plus one extra box for emergencies.
  5. Cats are naturally clean creatures. If your litter box gets filthy over time, empty it out and thoroughly scrub it clean. Make sure you put a small amount of the litter you took out back into the box after you’re done to provide a familiar smell for your cat.
  6. Clean up any litter sprayed outside the box to keep it from getting tracked around. Use a litter that clumps well and doesn’t stick in the pads of your cats feet. To avoid litter spray, try getting a covered design that block the litter from being pushed out of the litter box.
  7. A cat’s sense of smell is very strong. If your cat goes out of the box move the waste back into the box if possible. If not then you need to completely clean the area of the accident and make sure all smells are completely gone. White vinegar is very good for cleaning up cat urine on most surfaces.
  8. Cats don’t like their litter box in a busy area where there is lots of commotion and activity. Use a spot that is in a secluded but easily accessible area.
  9. A cat’s defenses are always on especially when they’re using their litter box. A covered or hidden litter box can offer added privacy and security but finding a private area for your cat to use the litter box is the best solution.
  10. Introduce litter to your kitten as soon as possible and it will likely become their favorite litter. Changing to a new litter type can be confusing to your cat or kitten and will require regular monitoring until the new litter has been accepted.

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