More and more pet owners are considering Pet Insurance for their Cats in order to add an extra layer of protection for them and their Cats. If your Cat suddenly becomes ill or is in a serious accident, pet insurance can handle the potential high costs for your pet’s treatment and recovery.

For cat owners or those planning to buy a pet cat that are thinking about getting pet insurance, here are a few money saving ideas that can help keep costs down while hopefully providing you with the coverage you need.

Look for minimal coverage

One way to lower your cat insurance costs would be to call three Pet Insurance companies and ask for quotes for a policy that just covers basic accidents. Be sure you understand exactly what is covered and what isn’t so there is no misunderstanding.

You can also ask if you qualify for any discounts on your policy. Also, look at what the deductibles are as they will determine what you’ll be paying for the various types of claims.

With a minimal coverage other items such as Vet visits would not be included in the insurance policy. If you don’t go to the Vets that often then not having it as part of your plan shouldn’t be a problem.

Depending on the Pet Insurance Company, adding additional coverage to your plan later on may end up costing less if you already have a policy.

Keep up to Date on Pet Insurance Policy Costs

If you currently have Pet Insurance for your Cat, it never hurts to review the policy near the end of its term and compare it to a few other quotes from some other Pet Insurance companies.

If you find something cheaper and it’s comparable to the coverage you already have, see if the Pet Insurance Company you’re with will match the price. If they won’t, then consider making a switch to the other Insurance Company and save yourself some money.

Read the Small Print

The small print is where you can miss important details such as claim limits or deductibles. Cheap Pet Insurance may look like a great deal but if you read through the fine print and ask questions the deal you thought you were getting may not look as good as you initially thought. You would virtually be throwing your money away.

Also not knowing the details could run you into unexpected expenses when you find out when it’s too late that your Pet Insurance policy won’t cover certain illnesses or accidents.

Pedigree vs Non-Pedigree When Buying a Cat

The costs between owning a Pedigree Cat compared to a Non-Pedigree Cat are quite extensive. If you’re buying a Cat, look at the costs involved before you decide. Insurance costs alone for a non-pedigree Cat could be around 40% lower than an Insurance policy for a pedigree pet.

Overall costs for a non-pedigree cat could be up to a third lower since they tend to be hardier and won’t require specialty food, regular vet visits and a higher level of care.

You could also consider taking in a rescue animal. The initial cost is considerably less than buying a Cat from a Pet Store or private breeder. Insurance expenses could be lower and certain medical procedures such as vaccinations and neutering may also be subsidized and some charities may only request a donation for your new pet.

Think twice about going to the Vet

There’s no need to visit the Vet every time your Cat shows signs of a cold or any other minor problem. If it’s something small, research it online and see if you can treat it at home.

Our Cat had a badly ingrown claw. A visit to the Vet would have been expensive. After researching quite extensively on what to do, we cut the claw and removed it. We checked his paw a few times a day until it had fully healed. He is now fully healed and we check his claws once a week.

Also, the simple act of making your home Cat safe by keeping dangerous substances behind locked doors and harmful plants out of the house is a smart way to avoid a large percentage of possible accidents.

Of course if your Cat is not eating all of sudden, has stopped drinking or sleeping more than usual don’t hesitate and get them to the Vets immediately.

Shop Around for a Vet

Not all Vets are made equal. Charges for similar services and the level of care can be quite different from one Vet to another. Spend some time checking out a few Vets in your area and get their fees for regular checkups and emergency services.

Ask your neighbors and friends who are pet owners what they think about the Vet they use and if they are happy with their rates and service. Finding the cheapest Vet may not be the best Vet to go to so use your good judgment and find a Vet who offers a valuable service that is worth the money they charge.

Finding a Vet you’re happy with rather than using the closest one could save you some money on regular visits and other Vet services for your Cat. If your Cat does need any serious medical attention you could end up paying more had you not shopped around.

Don’t Buy Pet Insurance

Of course eliminating Pet Insurance altogether can, without a doubt, save you some money. But will it in the long run? In the event that your Cat becomes ill or badly injured you may end up spending more than you wanted without Pet Insurance to cover the Vet bills.

Before buying an insurance policy for your Cat examine the costs. Your pet insurance premium might work better being put into some other savings vehicle. Rather than depending on Pet Insurance you can build up a substantial investment to help get you through any catastrophic situations with your Cat.

In Closing

Take these suggestions at their face value and use them only if they apply to your specific situation. We truly hope they will save you some money. Remember, everyone’s needs are different, so take your time to assess the information you collect from the various Pet Insurance Companies and listen to that little voice inside your head to help you make the right decision for you and your Cat.

Read more about Pet Insurance.

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