Here is a fun twist on Cat Portraits. You can only take so many pet portraits of your cat sleeping and lying about, right? How about the next time your cat is stretched out on the living room carpet you try something a bit different and creative for those sleeping cat portraits you love to take?

Scuba diving sleeping cat portrait

Well that’s what Theresa did. With some scissors and colored paper she was able to take her best cat portrait ever. Since cats spend almost three quarters of their lives lying down, there was plenty of time to work on a her creative ideas.

Instead of a sleeping cat slumbering on the floor, this new creative approach had her cat snorkeling through a school of fish or floating away on a bunch of balloons. It sure looks like a lot more fun and definitely makes for some fun and exciting cat pictures. We think it’s a great idea and would love to try something like this sometime.

Cat with umbrella cat portrait

Give it a try yourself and add some fun and excitement to what would normally be just another picture of your cat in la-la land. Come up with your ideas before hand and get everything ready just before your Cat goes for their afternoon sleep-fest. Once they’re out you can set-up your shot and get your cool pic. You cat will never know the difference, nor will they care, as long as they get there snooze time.

Just be sure to set things up quietly so you don’t wake-up your cat (hopefully your cat is a deep sleeper) and loose the main subject of your picture.

Let us know what you think in the comments and we’d love to see any of your creative sleeping cat pictures.


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