If you ever wondered what those cat sitter videos were like and weather your cat would actually watch them, then here is your chance. There are a bunch of cat sitter and cat entertainment videos online that your cat can watch for free. Below is one of many cat sitter videos that are free to watch on YouTube.

If you want to see if your cat will watch them, simply sit your cat in front of the computer with the sound at a good volume and see what they do. They’ll either love ‘em or walk away uninterested. Chances are they’ll love them.

It’s a great way to know if your cat is into the videos before you buy them. We plan to try them with our cats to see how they react.

If your cat enjoys these videos and can’t get enough, you can order a few Cat Sitter DVDs from Amazon that will run a bit longer than the 10 minutes or so you have from the videos online.

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