When Cats Run the Internet!

Jade always comes into the computer room every night for a visit when someone is working late. Most of the time I assume she’s looking for a late night snack. Tonight I think she had a different agenda. She jumped onto the desk and started hitting the keys on the...

Couch eating Cat

So which is it? A couch that eats cats or a cat that eats couches? Looks like it’s the first one. I was walking through the family room and found Spooky in a unique spot. It was something I had not seen before and was a bit of a shocker. At first it looked like...
Jade the Chicken Cat

Jade the Chicken Cat

Jade is one of the more creative cats in the Band of Cats. See has her way of doing things and no one is going to tell her any different. One area that she gets the award for originality is sleeping. We have this nice big cushy couch. Jade loves to sleep on the big...

Eternal bedfellows

For the longest time Jasmine and Jade were best buddies when it came to nap time. Here are a few pictures of these two cats as sleeping buddies over the years.

Cat Art

I’ll show you how I did this in a future post if you’re interested. Here’s a creative artsy mural I was working on featuring our four cats. I’m not sure what I will eventually do with it, but I thought you might like to see it. Here’s a...
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