Cats love stairs. We have alot of stairs in our place that connect the second and third floors. You can look from the top of the third floor stairs all the way down to the first floor. This is the best thing as far as our cats are concerned. They spend most of their day look down from the top stairs upon us lesser beings.

Cats looking down from above

As superior they feel doing that, there are a few other things I’ve noticed about cats and stairs.

If you’re walking down the stairs and a cat is at the bottom of the stairs, they can’t help running up the stairs as you’re walking down. Same thing goes if you’re at the bottom walking up and the cat is at the top of the stairs.

If both you and a cat are at the top of the stairs, they’ll race you to the bottom. Although if you’re at the bottom of the stairs with a cat, they’ll let you go up the stairs by yourself. Unless they have a really good reason to climb up the stairs, they won’t bother.

If a cat is sitting or lying on a step and you’re walking up or down the stairs, they’ll give you a look as if to say, “Watch out for the cat!”. You’re basically expected to step over them. The only exception is if it’s dinner time and you’re going down stairs to feed them. 

Has anyone else experience this type of behaviour with their cats? Or is it just me?

Here are a few pictures of cats on stair. There’s more pictures to come as we get them.

Cats sitting at the top of the stairs.

Dax running up the stairs

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