For an indoor cat a window can be the only link to the outside world. It’s proof that there is something more beyond their enclosed domain. The amount of activity going on just outside any window can become endless entertainment for a cat.

Everything from birds, to bugs to clouds draws their attention? Just what are they looking for? Is it something specific or is it just simple cat curiosity? What lurks in the shadows? What can they see?

The fascination cats have with windows and what lies beyond is all part of their daily routine. There is always something out there that draws them back. Maybe it’s the new frontier calling them; urging them to seek out new worlds, to boldly go where no cats has gone before. [Insert Star Trek theme music here]

Although we have lots of windows in our house the windows looking into the backyard are used the most by our furry adventure seekers.

Those windows are big, wide and have a great view of the yard. Our front window was a big hit a while back but for some reason the cats have lost interest in it. I guess it was too much of the same old thing each day. Maybe they’ll go back there one day.

During the day there’s plenty to see in our yard including birds, people, bugs, cars, blowing leaves, clouds, rain, and more. Nighttime brings an entirely new array of visual stimuli for the cats. We’ve had raccoons, neighborhood cats, and giant moths to name a few.

Here are the cats in various moments of exploring the great outdoors from the security of their home. Boy, if they only knew what was really out there!

Cats in windows - Jade
Jade looking out the window at some nighttime activity

Cats in windows - Spooky
Something in the backyard catches Spooky’s attention

Cats in Windows - Jasmine
Jasmine stares down a nighttime creepy crawly thing

Cats in Windows - Dax and Jasmine
Dax waits patiently for his turn in the Window

Cats in Windows - Dax
Ah yes, I see it, I see it!

Cats in Windows - Jasmine
Oh the things you can see from these windows! It’s amazing!

Cats in Windows - Jade
Jade in the back window

Cats in Windows - Jasmine
Jasmine waiting for the Racoon to come back

Cats in Windows - Jasmine
Jasmine watches as we walk into the house from the backyard

Cats in Windows - Spooky
Hey! There’s something moving down there!!

Cats in Windows - Dax
Something inside distracts Dax during his window time

Cats in Windows - Jasmine
Jasmine doing some early morning window watching. “Where is that Racoon?”

Cats in Windows
These guys are always in the Window.

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