So which is it? A couch that eats cats or a cat that eats couches? Looks like it’s the first one.

I was walking through the family room and found Spooky in a unique spot. It was something I had not seen before and was a bit of a shocker. At first it looked like the couch was devouring my Cat. Then an instant later I thought Spooky had some how gotten his head stuck under the Couch.

Realizing it was neither, I took a few shots. That’s when Spooky finally moved out from under the couch and gave me a “what?” sort of look, as if I was the one doing the weird stuff.

Silly Spooky Cat.

Pictures of Cats - Our couch eating spooky the cat
Help! The couch is eating my Cat!

Pictures of Cats - Spooky free from the couches grasp
Spooky emerges unscathed. Were you hinding from the other cats? Having a bashful moment? That was a new/weird thing for you.

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