The Band of Cats name is really getting around these days. Here are a bunch of places Jasmine, Jade, Spooky and Dax have left their mark.

Band of Cats at Disneyland
Here they are with Mickey on the Disneyland sign.

Band of Cats on the road
It’s better than sitting in your car doing nothing!

Band of Cats in Star Wars? Ah, sure!
Even Yoda know’s what’s best for Luke and the force.

Band of Cats on Bart’s blackboard from the Simpsons.
Bart Simpson vows to spread the word about the Band of Cats!

Band of Cats make the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.
Saruman directs his army of Uruk-hai away from Sauron and toward the new power of good; The Band of Cats.

A billboard for the Band of Cats in the Cat Blogosphere.
The Band of Cats ask for a friendly visit from their friends in the Cat Blogosphere.

Band of Cats on the street.
Jasmine has a road named after her.

The Band of Cats up on the Big Score board
3 Cheers for the Band of Cats!

Band of Cats on the street
Spooky has a street named after him.

Band of Cats with a new sign.
Band of Cats mark their territory in a new way.

Band of Cats on the Street.
Dax get a drive named after him!

Band of Cats move into show business.
Spooky, Dax, Jasmine and Jade get their names up in lights.

Band of Cats on the street.
Jade is named after a circle!

Beware of the Band of Cats.
Heed the warnings from the Band of Cats. Oooh, scaaary!

Band of Cats road sign
Somewhere along the great expanse of our countrys’ highway, the Band of Cats cry out for attention!

Band of Cats make it to the freezer door in fridge magnets.
When it’s time to eat, think don’t forget the Band of Cats!

Band of Cats in the news
Read all about it!

Band of Cats in Star Wars.
Obi Wan and the Band of Cats go way back his early days as a Jedi Knight!

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