Here is an hysterical collection of Funny Cat Videos that have grown in popularity on YouTube with each video racking up a few millions views.

We love cats and the cute, crazy and funny things they do. You’ll enjoy watching these funny cat videos with of all types of cat antics from talking cat videos to musical cat videos.

Click the play icon to watch a video and let the laughter begin. You can also find these videos on our Cat Videos page along with many other Cat Videos you’ll find helpful, interesting and, of course, funny.

Super Cute Playful Kitten

We lost count of how many times we watched this super cute video


There are a few funny Cat Videos to see, so please be patient if they take a little extra time to load.

Oh Long John… Talking Cat

This is one of the most unique voices I heard from a cat


Ultra Cute Kitten

Have cute, will travel


Talking Cat

A very vocal cat, but is this cat talking on it own or getting some help?


Oh Long John… Talking Cat – Part 2

This one has subtitles in case you can’t decipher what is being said


Cat Shower

What this fellow needs is a shower massage to get the full effect


Boxing Kitten

Float like a butterfly, sting like a feline


Kitten and His Box

Who needs a remote control mouse, I have a box!


Drinking Cat

…and I thought only ventriloquists could talk and drink at the same time.


Nora Piano Cat

Nora has definitely had some classical training


A Stalking Cat

Don’t look now but there is someone tailing you


The OMG Cat

If you could see what I’m seeing right now…


Hungry Kitten

I’m on a growth spurt, ok?


Molly the Cat and the Printer

Attack the mouse, this is all his fault…


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