Phone conversation, one side:

Yes sir, I understand, of course. No, I’m sorry, I honestly don’t know how much it costs to maintain a retractable ladder. Cat Trees? Yes, of course, I will look into them this time, I promise. Please tell the guys at the firehouse I really appreciate their help. It looks like Bill dropped a few pounds since he was here last! He’s really nimble on that…yes sir…I’m sorry. Yes. Certainly. Thanks for your call and the Cat Tree reminder, ehe. Give the wife my regards.

Cat in a Tree
Perhaps it’s time to think about a Cat Tree for your Cat?

It’s probably not a good thing for you – and your cat – to be on a first-name basis with the local fire chief and his crew. They’re professionals who train, re-train and risk their lives serving and protecting others. Looking at the situation from their side, it’s probably more than a little upsetting to take all that training and hard work rescuing your cat from your tree – again – for a new town record of 10 times in two months. Looking back on it, maybe it wasn’t such a hot idea to name the cat “Tarzan” after all.

If only Tarzan could belt out an ear-splitting yell like his movie character counterpart, you’d hear it: “I NEED A CAT TREE, EINSTEIN!”

Cat trees. Cat condos. Cat towers. Cat gyms. Cat furniture. Call it what you will, part living space, part toy, part claw sharpener, a cat tree can really be an entertaining and therapeutic accessory for your cat’s healthy daily living. Right off the bat a scratching posts for cats is safer and healthier than getting plucked from the maple tree out front every few weeks.

If you’ve never seen a cat tree, it is a structure with poles for climbing, “boxes” with holes for clambering in and out, pedestals for sleeping (or launching oneself across the room). The Cat furniture can be simple or complex but they are designed as a place to keep your cat occupied.

3 Reasons to Get a Cat Tree for Your Cat.


You already know cats love to scratch – at least your couch is well aware of it. Because nearly every cat climbing tree is covered with some form of carpet material, it is a place for Tarzan to go when he absolutely positively has to give in to that primal urge to grab something with his claws and shred it. Saving your furniture – and maybe someone’s gabardine slacks – is maybe the best reason for a cat tree.


Three words: Red Wine Incident. It seemed like a good idea to prominently feature that vintage magnum bottle of red French wine Claude sent. But, Tarzan’s curiosity being what it is, CRASH! Cracking the marble counter top and exploding across the room, sending rivulets of red wine into the beige carpeting. Cat towers provide a safe outlet for a cat’s natural need to climb. Designed with a wide base and sturdy structure, it will help keep Tarzan focused – and out of the maple.


It isn’t easy being a cat. People constantly fawning over you, providing food, shelter and a loving environment gets really boring. A cat tree is just the thing for your bored feline offering hours and hours of entertainment for Tarzan to play hide-and-go seek with that teddy bear you won at the fair a year ago.

Finally, owning a cat tree will keep you in the good graces of the local fire department. Plus when you finally get the nerve to make grandma’s recipe fried chicken, they’ll be more willing to dash to your location – just in case.

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