I took these fun pictures of Jade getting boxed in while I was straightening up things in the family room after a very action-packed and fun Christmas week.

I was almost done with a few items left to put away including the box for a toy guitar. By the time I got to the box there was something else in it. Jade! I shouldn’t be so surprised all the time this happens, but I was.

Jade is always the first to appear in any empty box we leave sitting around. She just loves them. This was another hit and a perfect fit with a shape she had never seen before. This box was unlike any of the others she had seen. Jade could actually stretch out in this one.

Most of the boxes Jade gets into are just too small for even her. Somehow she manages to contort herself enough to fit in. Not this time. There was room to move in this one. Was this her dream box? Was her quest over? It sure seemed that way.

Jade got the box and I put the toy Guitar in a soft case. She looked too content to disturb her and, after all, it was Christmas.

Let us know if any of your feline friends share Jade’s love of boxes or any other things cats like to crawl into. Send us a comment and let us know.

In the meantime here is Jade in her dream-box. Enjoy!

Jades dream box 01 - Pictures of Cats
Jade finds her new box moments after it appears on the floor.

Jades dream box 02 - Pictures of Cats
Hmm, this feels pretty good.

Jades dream box 03 - Pictures of Cats
I could get to like this!

Jades dream box 04 - Pictures of Cats
Oh ya…this is nice. Real nice.

Jades dream box 05 - Pictures of Cats
What’s this. Toy Guitar? Well, I’ll be. Sorry Mr.Guitar, this is my box now.

Jades dream box 06 - Pictures of Cats
This has got to be the King of boxes!

Jades dream box 07 - Pictures of Cats
Nothing like a box with leg-room!

Jades dream box 08 - Pictures of Cats
Mine, mine, all mine!

Jades dream box 09 - Pictures of Cats
Huh!? There’s an add-on? Really. Oh man, this is just too good!

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