If you’re like me, you have a lot of cat pictures that you’ve taken over the years. Some images I’ve managed to get into a frame for others to enjoy. Other cat pictures I’ve put into a photo album and the rest are sitting on my hard drive or on a CD/DVD somewhere.

Besides just ordering prints and filling up my photo albums I’ve always wished there were some other fun things I could do with all the images I have of my cats. Well there are.

I did some hunting around online and found a number of online photo tools that provide some great photo fun for your cat pictures. These tools are fun, free and pretty easy to use. All you need are your images and some imagination.

I’ll introduce each photo tool in individual posts to give you some time to try out each tool and have some fun with it.

Introducing Photovisi

This is a great photo collage tool. It offers a big selection of pre-set collages and is a great way to use a lot of your cat images at once. We tried a few collages and got some great results.

A fun collage of our Cat pictures from last summer.
A fun collage of our Cat pictures from last summer.

The tool does most of the work for you. All you need to do is pick out the images to upload to the site. Then just sit back and wait for your collage to be created. Once it’s done you’ll end up with an image you can download.

Here are the steps:
1. Go to Photovisi.com and click the Start button.
2. Pick a collage of your choice. Notice the number of images needed under the collage you select.
3. Select the pictures you want to upload to Photovisi for your collage. It’s a good idea to get 30 images or more ready before starting. There is also an option to use any photos from your Flickr account.
4. After your images have uploaded your collage is created a few minutes later.
5. Preview your collage and make any changes. If everything looks good click ok to get your collage.
6. Download your collage. You have 3 sizes to choose from. If you’re handy with a photo editor pick the largest size as you’ll be able to scale it to a smaller later if you need to. If not then you can grab all three sizes.

You can put your new collage anywhere you like. We made a desktop wallpaper background and plan to print out a few for our friends. We also emailed some around as well. Put them up on your website, blog or favorite social site too.

Head on over to Photovisi.com and have some fun making some cool cat collages.

Besides using your cat pictures you can pretty much use any image you like. This tool is great for family pictures, vacation pictures or any other pictures you have lying around on your hard drive looking for something fun to do.


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