Curiosity and playfulness can get your cat into more trouble than they expect during the holidays. To help you avoid any problems with your furry friend we’ve put together a list of helpful ideas to keep your cat safe and happy this holiday season. Try some of these tips to make your home pet-friendly and avoid some of the common Christmas hazards that may keep your cat from enjoying themselves.


Cat Holiday Safety


Ornaments and Decorations

Keep ornaments and decorations out of reach of your playful cat, especially the kind that are breakable or can become a choking hazard. It’s cute to see your cat play with the tinsel but be sure to take caution and keep the tinsel away to prevent any accidents and keep them safe. To ensure optimum safety for your cat use non-breakable ornaments and avoid decorating with tinsel and garland. If you don’t want your cat eating your edible ornaments you may want to not use those as well.


Keep Electrical Wires Secured

As your cat runs under the tree and through the furniture they can become entangled in loose wires or chords which can cause injury or a potential toppling of the Christmas tree. Avoid any undue stress for your cat and keep loose wires and chords taped or tied down.


Keep Holiday Food Away

Put all your holiday food, treats and table scraps out of reach. Some holiday foods can be toxic to cats or can pose a choking hazard. Have a few healthy holiday cat treats.

Have their treats handy to keep your cat from looking elsewhere and eating the wrong snacks. In case of emergency you can find a 24-hour veterinary hospital near you by calling the ASPCA’s Poison Control Center at 888-426-3325.


Stay Out of the Kitchen

The kitchen is a busy an potentially dangerous place for your cat during the holidays. The preparation of meal treats and other goodies can peak your cats curiosity and appetite. Keep them out of the kitchen when you’re in full cooking mode to avoid accidental knocks, bumps, spills and kicks.


Live Christmas Trees

If you have a live tree in your house keep an eye on the water in the stand. Drinking the water can cause them to ingest dangerous bacteria or plant food which can be harmful to them. While we’re on the subject of trees, try securing your tree with guide wires and attaching them to temporary hooks in the wall to prevent any accidental toppling. Of course, if you are someone who enjoys letting your cat climb the tree this will make for a safer climb.


Keep Holiday Plants Out of Reach

Poinsettias can irritate your Cats stomach and are not as toxic to cats as previously thought. Highly toxic plants that may also cause kidney failure include Lillies, Holly, Holly berries and Mistletoe.


Dangerous Gift Wrap

Do your gift wrapping in a separate room or make sure you keep materials such as ribbons, strings and tinsel out of reach. If your cat plays with any of these items they can choke on them or become entangled.


Teach Your Guests

If your having company over during the holidays be sure to let them know how to handle and treat your pets. If they aren’t cat owners they may not know about the precautions you’re aware of including what to keep out of reach and what not to feed them. Put coats and purses in a separate room away from your cats. They can contain mints, gum and candy and can be deadly if they contain an artificial sweetener called Xylitol.


Quite Time

There is always plenty of activity and guests over the holidays and especially on Christmas day. Provide a place where your Cat can spend some quite time alone away from the commotion.


Healthy Cat Gifts


Keep it Simple

Cats aren’t too fussy and will accept almost any gift they are given. Don’t feel you need spend a lot to ensure a good gift. The only value your non-materialistic cat will place on your gift will be how useful or fun it is.


Pick a Suitable Gift

Catit Design Senses Play Circuit
Hagen Catit Design Senses Play Circuit

Proper cat toys, treats or furniture are always appreciated. Toys will be instantly played with 90 percent of the time. Treats are enjoyed almost immediately and furniture will be used from day one and throughout the year.


Choose Quality Cat Products

Cat Tree
Deluxe 52″ Cat Tower Tree

Be sure to buy a Cat product that is well made and will last. Sturdy, strong cat products will endure the test of time with your cat. Gimmicky products will clutter up the house and may not have your cat’s safety in mind.


Include a Treat

Blue Seafood Sensation Kitty Yums Cat Treat
Blue Seafood Sensation Kitty Yums Cat Treat

Whatever you decide to buy for your cat try to include a treat for them as well. Always select proper pre-packaged cat treats that are healthy and avoid non-pet treats.

We hope these tips will provide a happier and more enjoyable time for everyone this Holiday Season; including our furry friends.


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