Your home should be cat friendly as a rule to ensure your Cats safety throughout the year. We should also keep Cat safety in mind during special holidays. With Easter coming soon, here is a helpful list of things to know that will keep your Cat safe.


Easter Flowers and Plants

The plants we see around Easter are a sign of the coming spring season and provide a beautiful display of color and aroma for table center pieces and other décor around the home. Unfortunately some of the these plants are toxic to cats and should kept away from your cat or avoided completely.


Easter Plants and Flowers that are Toxic to Cats.


Easter Lilies

All parts of the Easter Lily are toxic to cats including the leaves, pollen, stem and flower. Kidney damage can happen within 24 to 72 hours or your cat or kitten eating just a few leaves of this plant. To avoid anything bad happening to your Cat we recommend keeping this plant out of your home.

Other lilies to keep away from your cat are Tiger Lily, Rubrum Lily, Japanese Show Lily and some species of the Day Lily.



These bright yellow flowers are also toxic to cats. The crystals in the bulbs are very toxic causing serious heart and lung problems. The flower of a Daffodil has a poisonous alkaloid that can cause vomiting. These plants should be kept out of reach if you plan to have them in your home.



Tulips come in a variety of colors and are a popular flower around Easter. All parts of the plant is toxic to cats. The bulbs are the most toxin and contain tulipalin A and tulipalin B. The other parts of the plant are also toxic with allergenic lactones that can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and depression if swallowed.

These plants should be kept far away from your cats or kept out of your home all together. Keep your cat on a leash when they go outside if your neighbours are growing tulips in their garden.



This plant has an amazing fragrance and is popular for their delicate flowers. Most of the toxins are found in the bulb. It can be fatal if your cat eats too much of the bulb. Eating the flowers and plant will cause pain and irritation.

If they eat enough of the plant it can lead to Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea and Excessive drooling. Keep this plant away from your Cat. If your neighbors have this plant in their garden keep a leash on your cat if they go outside.



Daisies are a springtime favorite and are another favorite Easter flower. They are not as toxic to Cat as the other plants above but can still cause vomiting, diarrhea, and internal hemorrhaging in severe cases. The plant is ok to have in the house but in a location where your Cat cannot come in contact with them.


These are some of the more common plants that you find around Easter. If you are planning to add plants to your home that are not mentioned above, please check the full list of plants that are toxic to Cats and Plants that are not toxic to Cats created by the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC). Locate for your plant on the list to be certain they are safe for your Cat.


Chocolate and Candy

We love all the chocolates bunnies, chocolate eggs and candies that the Easter bunny brings at Easter. Unfortunately, we cannot share any of our Easter treats with our Cats as Chocolate is poisonous to Cats.

Every type of Chocolate contains theobromine, a toxic agent for Cats. When a Cat accidentally eats chocolate, they can experience abnormal heart rhythms, tremors, and seizures. It can also lead to death.

Contact your vet immediate if your Cat has eaten any chocolate.

Be sure keep all chocolate and candies away from your Cat. Put the chocolate in a place that is impossible for your Cat to get to.

To keep your Cat from feeling left out get them there own Easter treats. It will also keep them from sniffing out any or your Easter Treats.


Easter Dinner

Please avoid sharing any part of your Easter dinner with your Cats. The smell of dinner cooking may temp your cat to snitch a bite. Most human food is not good for Cats so be sure to keep them away from your food. It can upset their stomach and cause other problems.

For example, grapes and raisins can cause kidney problems, Onions and Garlic is toxic to your Cat and Alcohol, even in small amounts, can be dangerous.

Instead, you can make them their own special Cat friendly Easter Dinner. A small portion of turkey, chicken or beef is fine as a treat. You can treat your cat to one of the many varieties of luxury wet cat foods. There are also gourmet soups for Cats that you can consider.


Easter Grass

The Easter Grass that is the Easter basket needs to be kept away from your cat. It is usually made of finely cut paper or plastic. If you Cat swallows any Easter Grass, especially in large amounts, can cause blockage to their stomach and intestine.

Make sure you keep it away from your Cat.


Plastic Toys & Eggs

There are lots of small plastic eggs and toys that show up around Easter. Make sure you keep all of these types of toys away from your Cat. To be on the safe side only let your Cat play with plastic egg and toys that are specifically made for cats.

It is also a good idea to supervise your Cat playtime just be sure they are playing with their toys properly and not chewing off small pieces that can be swallowed.

If your Cat does swallow any small pieces of plastic, it can cause internal obstruction and or choking. Take them to the Vets to have them checked.


Following this list will help to keep your Cat safe this Easter. Keep them away from harmful plants and foods and make sure they don’t get into anything with small pieces they can ingest and you’ll have a fun and safe Easter holiday.


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