Here are our four cats we call the ‘Band of Cats’.  Spooky, Dax, Jasmine and Jade. Four housecats that have the run of the place and go outside in the back garden from time to time. Welcome to the show. Each cat has their own nuances and ways of doing things which creates some fun and challenging times.

If you enjoy pictures of cats, you’ll get lot’s of them here. So without further delay here are the band members…

Wake up Spooky. Spooky love to sleep. He’s our biggest cat. Spooky doesn’t talk much. His meow is more like a muffled grunt. He’s very friendly and likes sucking up to visitors, especially the non-cat people.

Jasmine likes everyone and everything. She has a quite meow and can’t walk past anything without rubbing on it. She is the princess of the group. Her appetite is endless and she uses her food radar to find the tiniest morsel we might leave unattended.

It’s not dinner time yet, Dax. Dax would eat all day if we let him, so would Spooky for that matter. Dax is the spokeman for the group. He always has something to say. His meow is heard throughout the house day and night. Eye-yo! He’s our big black, tuxedo cat and never passes up a chance to play.

The smallest and fastest cat in the Band, Jade is also the crazy cat of the bunch. She’ll pick the hardest path through the house or fit in the tightest spots and make it look easy. She tends to be a one person cat and is rarely seen when someone else comes over. We still don’t know where she hides.

So there they are. Four wild and crazy cats all under one roof. Let the adventure begin! So for all you pictures of cats lovers, get ready for a regular flow of images from of these and many other cats.

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