Jade is one of the more active cats in the ‘band’. When it’s time to play around the house, she’ll travel every inch of the house. One of the stranger places Jade will go is behind our entertainment center. She’ll walk in through the Video shelf and out through the back then shoot up the stairs and out of sight.

Jade is always leaping, climbing, traversing or running from one place to another. She’s a busy cat.

Jade’s sleeping is as unique and individual as her playing. I came across Jade sleeping on the couch the other day. She had sunk right into the cushion as if she had just plunked herself down from being over run. A poster cat for extreme exhaustion!

Pictures of Cats - Jade running on empty
Elmo looks on as poor Jade has run out of steam.

Jade was burnt out and running on empty. All she could do was move her eyes. She was virtually motionless. It was sad and funny at the same time.

Unlike her chicken cat sleeping position and her donut-cat sleeping position it seems that Jade had yet found a new way to crash while recovering from her daily romp around the house. It’s really not too surprising if you know the kind of cat Jade is.

Here is our little ball of energy completely burnt out and playing the part of a pooped-out cat. Soon after she managed to muster up the strength for a short wash and then went back for more R&R donut-cat style.

Pictures of Cats - Jade sleeps
Crash and burn. Jade is too tired to move.

Pictures of Cats - Jade waits for her energy to return
Jad has just enough strength left to look around.

Pictures of Cats - Jade sleeping
Did you see that, she moved, I think.

Pictures of Cats - Jade power napping
Jade re-energizes with a long nap.

Pictures of Cats - Jade sleeps
With her energy returned Jade takes some time to clean up.

Pictures of Cats - Jade sleeps
Jade is still a tired cat.

Pictures of Cats - Jade sleeps
More cleaning needed.

Pictures of Cats - Jade Sleeps
This is one filthy paw.

Pictures of Cats - Jade Sleeps
Almost clean and then back to sleep.

Pictures of Cats - Jade Sleeps
Sleep overtakes Jade once again. See ya in a while Jade!

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