Let me set the scene for you on this one. The kids were having a ball playing in the TV room with all their toys. The place was a zone; toys everywhere, lot’s of noise – crazy busy fun!

Most of the cats are used to this but Jade avoids these hectic sessions like the plague and is nowhere to be seen. She’s not one for extreme commotion.

It was time to clean up the toys and get ready to go out for the day. The last thing I expected to see was Jade. But there she was sitting amongst all the clutter inside a toy drum looking at me as if this was something she does all the time.

It was a surprise to see her there and pretty funny as well. I don’t know if it was her way of telling us to clean up the mess or her uncontrollable urge to be in the drum. She loves boxes and this drum was like a box, except cooler!

Either way it was a great photo opportunity.

Pictures of Cats - Jade in a Drum
Get this mess cleaned up or you’re not getting your Drum back!

Pictures of Cats - Jade in a Drum
Jade does her version of a drum solo. It was the last thing any of us expected.

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