I’d like to start off this post and tell you that we have a new favorite web site.

Koncoction – How To at http://www.koncoction.com/how-to.php

We’ve been using it for only a short while and have found so many cool things so far. It’s a great collection of How To, DIY, Hack and craft info. There’s new stuff everyday and the site is growing fast. Check it out.

Automatic tap for your cat - The Cat Faucet
Automatic tap for your cat – The Cat Faucet

This is something we found while on Koncoction’s HowTo page this morning. It’s a neat idea for people with cats that have learned how to drink from the faucet. If you’re a bit of a do it yourself type person and your cat drinks from the faucet you should try this out. It’s pretty cool.

It turns on when your cat is thirsty and shuts off when they are finished drinking. It’s a bit technical to set-up but if you’re good with plumbing and gadgets you should be ok.

All the instructions are here. There’s a short video showing the Cat Faucet in action with a few pictures to let you see how it looks.

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