OK, I can hear it now. “So what, they’re just eating bowls”. Good point; but let me set the scene for you. We used to have what we thought were nice eating bowls with little fish guys on the side. They were half the height of the new bowls and about the same width.


We put the food in the bowls. The cats ate the food. End of story. Well… not quite. First off 2 of the bowls broke from a short drop so we used saucers from our cupboard in the meantime. One of the two bowls left got a big crack in it. Only one bowl survived.

Needless to say we needed some new bowls for the cats. Now that we have them, I’ve noticed some other things lacking in the old bowls. First off, they were too light. Every time the cats ate from them they got pushed around. I know some non-slip mats would have helped, but there’s more.

Secondly, the bowls were too shallow. Food got pushed out while the cats ate. I don’t care about a mess, but floors are dirty and the cats ended up eating from the floor and probably got some dirt in there as well. Yuck!

Finally, and this is just pure aesthetics, the colors were dull.


These new bowls are so much better. Apart from us getting our saucers back, these bowls have some weight, so they don’t move around so much. They are deeper too so the food stays in the bowl. The best part is the colors. Our son gave each cat a color. Dax got the Green bowl, Jasmine got the White bowl, Spooky got the blue bowl and Jade got the Yellow bowl.

I didn’t think there was anything to choosing a cat’s eating bowl, but after getting these bowls there are some feature that stand out.


Here a short list of what we look for in a cat bowl.

1. Go with Ceramic or Stainless steel. Ceramic looks nicer but is breakable and needs to be cleaned regularly. Same with stainless steel, but they’re not breakable and some have non-slip bottoms.

2. Look for a nice deep bowl to keep the food from spilling. If you cat is a long hair a shorter bowl may be more suitable.

3. Get a bowl with some weight to it. If it doesn’t have a non-slip bottom the weight might be enough to keep it from moving too much.

4. Pick out some nice colors. Dull bowls are boring.

A friend found this and sent it to us.  It’s much more complete if you’re serious about getting the right bowl for your cat.

What type of dish is best for your cat?

We always recommend stainless steel dishes or bowls for both kitty’s food and water. While plastic dishes may appear to be less expensive, there are several problems with them. First of all, they are very lightweight, and often these dishes will end up getting moved around or sliding across the floor when your kitty tries to eat or drink from them.

This is not going to give your kitty the feeling of peace and security she needs at mealtime, plus in some multi-cat households, this change in distance between food and water bowls can create some tension and hostility between cats.

Secondly (and even more important), plastic is a material that some people and animals have allergic reactions to — reactions which can range from slight to serious, or even life-threatening. A common form of allergic reaction in cats to plastic food and water dishes is a condition called “feline chin acne”.
This is when the cat develops skin ulcers, or acne, on her chin, and sometimes this will also include hair loss around the lesions. While treatable, feline chin acne can become painful to the cat, and will recur continuously unless the owner switches to stainless steel dishes.

Plastic dishes are also easily scratched, and the scratches can be very painful to the cat’s sensitive tongue as well as harbor all kinds of unhealthy bacteria, even after being put through the dishwasher.
Ceramic dishes are not much better than plastic – they are heavier in weight, but they are also breakable. The nature of the ceramic finish is to have some roughness to the texture which again can be irritating to the cat’s tongue and mouth. Ceramic dishes also are great collectors of bacteria, and some ceramic glazes still contain lead, which is a very dangerous material.
Stainless steel dishes are best for kitty. They are non-breakable, and much more easily and thoroughly able to be cleaned and disinfected. Some stainless steel dishes have rubber non-skid rims under them, too.

If you have a long-haired cat, you will want to choose a food bowl or dish that is not too deep, to avoid having the fur around her face becoming soiled. Deep bowls or dishes are also not recommended for cats with short noses, such as Himalayans and Persians – for this type of kitty, shallower, wider dishes are easier for them to use.
And likewise, if you have a young kitten, be sure to start him off with a small enough dish!! Otherwise, you may find him walking through his water and food bowls, which of course will also lead to bacteria and contamination.

For households with more than one cat, you may want to have separate food and water dishes for each kitty, especially if you have one or more cats who is extremely dominant. You will need to pay attention to your cats and observe their behaviors carefully to ensure that you have provided enough space between the feeding stations to allow for their comfort. Usually, several feet is sufficient.
Double bowls (bowls that hold food on one side and water on the other) are more easily contaminated than using separate dishes. Often, pieces of the food will end up in the water, making it less fresh and appealing to a finicky cat. Plus, some cats simply prefer that there be some distance between their food and their water.
You may need to experiment a bit to determine what types of bowls and locations meets your needs and those of your kitty best. Be sure you wash and rinse the food bowl just as carefully as you do the water bowl, and it’s also a good idea to completely change the food in the bowl (we’re referring to dry food here, left out for free-feeding) every few days.



Let us know what your cat eats from. Are you in need of a new bowl for your cat? Let us know if this list was helpful and what you end up finding.

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