Here is a great opportunity to get involved in the creation of a new, fabulous Cat book for Children! One of our readers, Traci, is a very talented artist/writer and is currently planning to self-publish her very own book called “Our Boy Bob”. It’s full of fantastic, original artwork created by Traci and based on the unique personality of her wonderful Cat Bob.

Traci’s dream is to have her book published, but she needs your help and support. Traci tells us all about her wonderful book below and has provided a link for more info. We hope you enjoy reading about her book as much as we did and when you’re done be sure to click the link at the end to find out how you can be involved in the creation of “Our Boy Bob”!

“Like you, readers of the Band of Cats, I am a lover of cats. Our dear cat Bob inspired me to create a children’s book called “Our Boy Bob” about his boyishly catty personality. My passion as an artist and illustrator is to create whimsical and colorful images and I am happiest when my artwork brings pleasure to people.

So often the lines of a rhyme will pop into my head and won’t let go until I make a story out of them. “Our boy Bob is no boy at all, but he likes to take a bat at a ball” is how this story begins for instance. I have illustrated and designed lots of books but this is the very first one that I have both written and illustrated.

I am hoping to self-publish this book and decided to use to do this because it is a way that people can inexpensively participate in helping fund someone’s dream project, get rewards for doing so and also be a part of a unique creative experience watching a children’s book come to life.

“Our Boy Bob” is really a book for all ages — especially for people with a cat that is loved just like any member of the family. My hope is that this book will put a smile on your face and feed your soul with its colorful illustrations.

There is a very limited time to participate in this project. Please visit my Kickstarter project page for Our Boy Bob to learn more about this exciting project.

I look forward to your support. Thank you!”

You can see more of artist Traci O’Very Covey’s work on her website and on her Facebook page.

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