These pictures of cats are the story of Max. These are the stories we love to get. This is Max. He was rescued by one of our readers who lives in the Philippines. At only 3 weeks, Max was lost, scared and not doing very well until he was rescued by their family dog!

Readers Cats - Max rescued

Here is Max’s story as told by her new owner…

Mabuhay, from Philippines!

I have a rescue story which happened two weeks ago.. My adopted kitten was 3weeks old and he barely could walk and his ears were still someway, folded.

I found “Max” through our dog Sam. Sam constantly barked at the poor kitty so i noticed. I didn’t hesitate to get Max and started to give the best of care and supplies I had on hand. Now he is approximately five weeks old and looking strong. He loves playing with the curtain and climbing the screen door.

Cheers, Kristine

Readers kitten - Max gets his medicine

Readers Kitten - Max nursed back to health

Readers Kittens - Max's feeding time

Readers Kittens - Hanging out with Max
Here’s a photo of Max with my daughter.

Kristine sent along these cat pictures of Max showing his progress from a lost kitten to a healthy kitten in a loving home. Thanks again for this wonderful, heartwarming story. We hope Max is doing well in his new home and we’d love to hear how he is doing and hope to see more pictures of Max soon!

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