Petshealth has been around since 1997 offering customizable pet insurance coverage for cats based on four increasing levels of protection. They also offer a ten percent savings if you buy coverage for multiple pets. In this review we’ll take a look at the different plans Petshealth Care Plan has to offer you and your cat and the coverage their policies provide.

Petshealth operates under their parent company The Hartville Group, Inc., one of America’s oldest and well established pet health insurer and a strategic partner with the ASPCA, an American based animal welfare organization.

Managing your Vet costs

Petshealth claims to help you manage the increasing price of going to the Vet in order to protect your finances while focusing on your pet which, when you think about it, is the main reason to buy Pet Insurance in the first place.

They don’t really mention the costs involved but in one customer testimonial they express their Petshealth plan as being ‘Valuable’ which is very encouraging for others looking to buy.

The Petshealth website has a handy online form to help you make good pet insurance choices for your cat. It’s quite helpful and well laid-out to making it easy to select a coverage level at a cost you’re happy with.

Comparing different plans and different coverage you will eventually arrive at a quote that will fit well with your needs. Hopefully whichever type of plan you choose will fit well with any budget concerns.

As every situation is different, it is a good idea to spend time reading the small print and learn about the different cat insurance plans to see exactly what you are getting for your money.

Selecting a Pet Insurance level of coverage online

Choosing coverage for your Cat is fairly easy and you can get started right from the home page. Simply start by entering your Cat’s name and clicking GO. Next you’ll be presented with a three part form.

The first part is for your contact info and your pet’s information which includes your cat’s name, age, gender and breed. The second part presents the four levels of coverage. This step takes some time to get familiar with.

Costs are reasonable and the four levels range in price from $11. to $85. per month. Each level you move up offers increased coverage plus increased maximum amounts on incident and yearly benefits.

An annual deductible of $100 applies to all four plans which seems odd to me. I would figure if I’m paying a higher premium my deductible would be lower. The four levels are nicely arranged so you can visually see at a glance the coverage for each level.

Once you understand what each level has to offer it’s simply a matter of clicking the SELECT button under the level you would like.

The third part offers a few options. You can review your costs, change the level of coverage you have selected, enrol with Petshealth or save your quote and come back at a later time. If you choose to enrol there are a few other steps you’ll need to complete. They involve picking a Vet, adding your payment details and answering a simple question asking where you heard about Petshealth.

After reading their terms and conditions and reviewing the approval and waiting periods for your insurance plan you can submit your application providing everything looks good to you. If you have any questions at all it’s best to hold off on enrolling and give Petshealth a call to get your questions answered.

Everything seems very organized and well explained, but there is really no room for customizing a policy that fits with your needs. If you are planning to buy from Petshealth, give them a call after getting your online quote and ask about any special coverage options.

Four Different Levels of Pet Insurance Coverage

The four different levels you can choose from are clearly explained and easy to compare in part two of the online form.

Level 1 Coverage

The least expensive plan at level 1 covers accidents including broken bones, burns, poisoning, foreign body ingestion, and car accidents. It covers up to $2,500 maximum incident benefits and $8,000 maximum yearly benefits.

Level 2 Coverage

The second level of coverage is a popular basic plan that covers accidents as well as illnesses. Level 2 offers more generous policy limits, including a one time annual deductible and a maximum incident benefit of $1,500 and a yearly maximum benefit of $8000.

Level 3 Coverage

Level three covers veterinary treatments and surgical procedures, X-Rays, hospitalization, as well as standard vaccines and an annual physical exam. Level 3 covers up to $11,000 per policy limit.

Level 4 Coverage

Level four provides total peace of mind, and includes many special benefits, such as heartworm prevention, dental cleaning and advanced vaccinations. Level four covers up to $5,000 per incident, with $13,000 per policy limit.

Before You Choose an Insurance Plan

Before you decide which plan you would like, read the full description of each plan in the terms and conditions.

Your cat health insurance quote may change if you have another policy with Petshealth Care Plan and your cat pet insurance rates vary depending on your location. Injuries are covered once you are approved and coverage for illness becomes available after 30 days.

Customer Testimonials

The testimonials clearly show that customers are happy with the fairness of the quotes and the service. Some clients commented that the PetsHealth Care Plan pays faster than other insurance companies they had been with for 20 years which is a definite plus.

The Petshealth website also has a helpful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section and some interesting, yet somewhat short articles.

From the Client Centre you can download a claim form which is fairly easy to fill out. All you need to do is complete one section on the claim form, pay your veterinarian, ask him to complete the other section and file the claim form online or fax or mail in the form. Your claim will be processed within 15 days.

Overall we were pretty impressed with Petshealth and the plans they offered. Our Pros and Cons list had more on the Pros side, although there were a few things we didn’t like.


You can get a cat health insurance quote online in 3 simple steps. Simply fill in your pet information, compare the coverage and get a quote. The plans are well explained allowing for easy comparisons to be made.

The company lets you choose billing frequency; you can pay your bills monthly or annually, whatever is easier for you.


Your pet’s name has to have at least 3 characters, so if you cat’s name is Al, the system will show the name as invalid. Entering Albert for you cat’s name should work fine.

If your cat is older that 9, you cannot insure them for illness benefits.

Unfortunately, pre-existing conditions are not covered regardless of age. This alone could be a deal-breaker for many people.

In closing

Petshealth makes it easy to select and buy a plan through their web site. Still we recommend you do your homework and have all your questions answered before you buy. Talking to real people rather than doing everything through their web site will give you a better impression of their service.

A well established company with a reputable partner, Petshealth seems like a good company to consider buying your pet insurance from. Their customer testimonials seem a bit slanted, so search around online and see what others have to say.

Take your time and make sure you are getting the plan you need for your cat and make sure all doubts, concerns and questions are well taken care of before you buy.

Petshealth Established: 1997
Also known as: ASPCA and Hartville
Underwriter: United States Fire Insurance Company
AM Best Financial Strength Rating: A (excellent)
Phone: 1800-807-6724

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