Meet Budward, aka:Buddy. Buddy is one in a family of five cats. A chocolate Tabby who rules the roost from what we have been told. He comes to us from one of our readers, who also sent us a couple of great pictures. One picture is Buddy in the Christmas tree and the other picture, well, we’ll let you read what their owners had to say about how they got that hilarious, unique picture…

Pictures of Cats from our Readers

“This is Budward . He’s a 4 year old Domestic Shorthair “Chocolate Tabby,” and 15.5 lbs of purring fury-the-cat ambassador of our family to the outer world (greeting friends, family, and enemies [ie neighbor dogs] with the same grace and aplomb.)

Budward runs roughshod over our other 4 cats (3 females and a cranky 11-yr old Siamese named Ozzy.) My children complain I have more pix of the cats than them; and I cannot deny this. My defense-“the cats hold still longer, and don’t complain as much.

Pictures of Cats from our Readers

Someone had left a paper plate on the table and Bud decided it would make a good spot to curl up in. My son added the napkin, tableware & glass. No cats were consumed (or harmed) in that pic. ;-)”

Thanks again from our readers for sharing their pictures of Buddy with us. We thought they were awesome. We hope to see some pictures of the other cats Buddy hangs with sometime soon. What did you think of these pictures? How many others out there have their cat climbing the Christmas Tree or curling up on the dinner table?

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