Another splendid image for our pictures of Cats. Here is a great picture of two adorable cats living in Victoria on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. This picture was sent in by their proud owner Sheila. Sheila also sent along some words to go with the image. Here is what she had to tell us. Thanks Sheila!

Two Cats, Lucifer and Merlyn, sleeping on the couch

‘These are two brothers from a six litter batch. All their 4 sisters are long haired like our Merlyn on the right side. Luci was the only short haired one of the bunch. Merlyn was one of the most aggressive in the cage at the pet store, although his sisters were starting to get into the act.

Then in the very back of the cage, was Luci fast asleep. He really didn’t care much about all the excitement. I had picked Merlyn, as my late hubby had said for years, then he finally broke down and said. While in the pet store my hubby, strangely asked about the sleeping bundle in the back. As soon as he was in Gary’s arms, there was no turning back. Gary said right away “I have a feeling this one is going to be a real handful!”

His full name is Lucifer and it suits him very well. When Gary passed away, it took nearly a year before Luci would come to bed with myself and Merlyn. But finally he did. Lucifer is a handful and a very smart cat. He can open nearly every drawer and cupboard. He can even flush both toilets and climbs anything. Lucifer won’t be told by me. But he always obeyed Gary.’


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