Here are some fun images for our Pictures of Cats. Remember Mikki and Oscar? Well if you don’t, this will certainly refresh your memory. They first appeared here last August in our Pictures of Cats from Our Readers posts and have since grown into big healthy cats. Well, at least Oscar has.

Ocsar before and after
Ocsar before and after

Mikki just keeps getting better with age. Of course, Oscar has changed the most loosing his kitten looks and become a beautiful, healthy grown up cat. Both cats look great thanks to the loving care of their owner, Karin.

These new pictures are great to see and it looks like Mikki and Oscar are having lots of fun together. I love the picture of Oscar at the table. What a crazy cat. Karin sent the info below along with her pictures for all to read…

Oscar cuddling up in the blankets
Oscar being a Blanket Hog

Thought I might give a little update on Mikki and our now – not so little anymore – Oscar. Oscar was probably about 3 months when we got him and rescued him out of living from bar trash. It is amazing how far he has come and how much he has changed over the past 5 months. Picture 1 is our Oscar – then and now. Our Mr. Chubby Cheak. Oscar has also developed an interest in sitting at the table. Not quite sure if he thinks he his human and needs table manners or if it is his begging strategy. Nevertheless, he is cute when he does it. Just don’t get on the table! And of course, we still love having our 15 year old Mikki around, who loves to pose.

Sitting at the Table
Where’s My Dinner?!

Black Cat Mikki sitting in his chair
There’s Mikki relaxing on the nice chairs

It’s so heart-warming to see these two cats happy, healthy and enjoying themselves. We hope you enjoyed the latest pictures of Oscar and Mikki. We sure did and we’ll look forward to hopefully seeing some more in the near future.


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