Exciting new images for our Pictures of Cats. Introducing Mikki and Oscar. Oscar is a young kitten of a few weeks and Mikki is a playful 15 year old black cat. Their owner enjoys seeing the pictures of cats on the Band of Cats and decided to share some of their own. We’re glad they did!

Mikki the 15 year old black cat
15 Year old Mikki the Black Cat takes care of her humans homework

We enjoyed these cool cat pictures and we hope you enjoy them too. Here is what they had to tell us about Oscar and Mikki.

Studious Cat. This is Mikki, my 15 year old cat that I have adopted 14 years ago. He is the best cat I’ve ever seen and loves to lay on paper. Don’t tell anyone he is the one that does my homework! 😉

Oscar on the scratch post
Oscar the kitten sitting high atop his 3-foot scratch post

Podest. Just 2 weeks ago I got this little kitten that kept digging in the trash at a bar. The day I went there, the cat lay in front of the door (the manager said, he had never done that before) as if he was sayin ‘take me home with you’. We called him Oscar, since he used to live in the trash. He loves to play and bounce around – including, jumping up on the 3 foot scratching post.

Mikki and Oscar playing on the scratch post
Mikki and Oscar playing on the scratch post

A funny Oscar the kitten
A funny Oscar the kitten

Thanks so much for sharing your cat pictures with everyone. Keep us posted on how your wonderful cats get along and please send us any new pictures you want to share with us.


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