Another fun image for our pictures of Cats. Meet Amy. Amy is my little baby girl. I love all our cats, but of all the indoor cats, Amy and I have a very special bond. I found her and her mother, Mama Cat, one year ago on the side of the road in a cardboard box.

This is Amy also affectionately know as \'Bunny\'
This is Amy also affectionately know as ‘Bunny’

Whenever I’m driving somewhere, I constantly look at the side of the road for suspicious boxes. I am so glad I found that box because it contained two of the sweetest cats. Amy got her nickname, Bunny, after only one month of being in our house. I was talking to her one day when I accidentally called her honey bunches of oats. Shortly after we shortened it to Bunny and it has stuck ever since.

Bunny is incredibly spoiled. She knows that I can never get mad at her and she’s right. She also knows that she has access to my bathroom whenever I go in there to get ready for the day. She’ll run and jump on the counter as soon as I open the bathroom door.

Night is my favorite time when it comes to Bunny because I’ll lay down to go to bed and she’ll run up beside me and either lay next to my chest or she’ll curl up on my pillow and fall fast asleep. She also does the cutest thing when she sleeps…drools. It’s adorable! Yep, my Bunny and me are the best of friends!


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