A new addition to our Pictures of Cats. This is Bob. He has a bit of a strong personality, but what cat doesn’t. His owner, Deborah, tells us he a lovable Cat and that is whats important for any relationship between Cat and human.

Bob is a  grey tabby with plenty of cat-i-tude
Bob is a grey tabby with plenty of cat-i-tude

Here is what Deborah told us about Bob:
“For the holidays this past year I made up photo greeting cards with the caption “Bob. Humbug! Did we really need a new dog?” Bob is a 7-1/2 year old grey tabby with plenty of cat-i-tude. And I couldn’t love him more if I tried.”

Thanks again for sending us your photo of Bob. It’s hard to know what he’s thinking in that pic. He would certainly make a good poker player.


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