A new addition to our Pictures of Cats. This is a wonderful story we received from one of readers about Boris, a Cat that was rescued and nursed back to health eventually to become a special member of the Family. They are true heroes for giving Boris a better life.

Boris the Cat

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your story with all of us here on Band of Cats.

He wasn’t a pretty sight when he first turned up at our house; sick, thin, and obviously injured, I just couldn’t ignore him.

He seemed only to want the company of our two girls, Jinki a white tabby, ginger our Calico and Dinah, a very dark Tortoise shell and the youngest. I remembered seeing him at least 2 years earlier when our then Alpha (now deceased) no-longer-male chased him away. I know now he had been dumped.

He was so lonely and was contented to just lie on the grass at a fixed distance from the girls – from which he was seemingly not allowed to stray. Anytime he tried to move closer, Jink would flick the tip of her tail and he would instantly move back to his place in the scheme of things. A low man on the totem pole apparently.

I started to feed him. He was so scared of us he would be over the fence in a flash. His nose still worked as he was right back to eat as soon as we removed ourselves to a safe distance.

January 2009 was wretchedly hot and towards the end of the month came some days when you could have barbecued your dinner on our cement patio.

The arbor had shade cloth, but it did little good to keep us cool in temperatures of 110F. I could hear him crying.

I went outside and he was crawling towards me. He let me pick him up and in spite of the fact that I dropped him immediately but he didn’t run away.

We took him into the back room where we had our computer and the linen cupboards. The ducted air conditioning was on and he lay there and panted. The poor thing. He let me mop his head and ears with a damp cloth and I gave him some cool water and a small bowl of milk. Without a name we decided to call him Boris. He drank the lot and retreated under the coffee table and almost immediately fell asleep from exhaustion.

We kept Boris inside ’till sundown when the heat abated then let him out as he was becoming anxious. The girls went with him and they all stayed on the lawn ’till I called the girls in. I had previously put a bed for him in the workshop, up on the counter, which he liked – a lot!

Very soon Boris got used to coming inside. After about a week we we’re able to get him into the carrier to take him to the vet. We asked for one of everything; vaccination, castration, worm tablets and shaving his jowls to see if there were abcesses under all those scabs. His head felt just like a cricket ball. The vet was pretty sure he had FHV from Cat Flu. Needless to say, he was a mess!

Our vet told us we’re crazy to do all this for him. He knew we couldn’t afford all this but let us pay it off gradually. Boris looked dreadful when we went to pick him up and when we got him home he slept for 48 hours in our spare room. He knew his manners and used the cat trays very neatly.

Boris the Cat

He also had a broken bone in the back left ankle that never healed and always stuck out when he sat. We were supposed to keep him quiet and not let him jump down so the ankle would heal. Yeah, we made a good job of that, not! He is sitting on the kitchen counter in the picture and he has actually gained weight and his fur is very clean but the leg was forever as you see above.

He took to my husband Trev like a duck to water and he was equally besotted – as you can see below!

Boris the Cat

His place in the evenings was on top of Trev’s discarded shoes. Now that is real love if you knew what Trev’s shoes smelled like!

Boris was ‘srsly in love’ with Jinki and she joined him one day on his pillow by the front door. By this time they were practically a matched pair. Handsome, no? When he first arrived we called them Boris & Natasha, after a pair of morning cartoon characters on TV! This picture got them called Pierrot & Columbine!

Boris the Cat

None of the pictures we took of him at that time were good enough to see how thin and sick he was but this one will show you how he blossomed. I had identity tags for all three cats done at the Vet’s. I assumed the Vet Nurse on duty at reception knew how to spell Boris – apparently not!

Boris the Cat

He didn’t care! He was so grateful for every little treat and caress he received. He grew very chubby. We all loved Boris very much.

Then on the 1st of August 2011 Boris came into the lounge room after breakfast, lovingly nudged Trev and went to lie down in front of the heater. He dropped dead on the spot and we could not revive him. The vet said he was lucky to last as long as he did. Boris had had such a rough life. Trev was broken hearted.

You can read a dedication to Boris on Trev’s blog where he poured out his heart at the lost of his dear friend.


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