Lets give a warm greeting to Brownie and Georgia. Two very young, affectionate Cats. Both of them are outdoor cats and from their owner, Abena, tells us they keep pretty active doing Cat stuff.

Brownie the Calico Cat

Here is what Abena had to say about Brownie and Georgia…

Brownie is a calico tabby and Georgia is a tabby. They are 1 year 2 months old and 6 months old respectively.Brownie is Georgia’s mother. Brownie amd Geogia both love chasing animals especially lizards and birds. They hate being carried but like rubbing against me. Brownie has become a bit lazy lately. Sleep,eat,hunt a little and goes to sleep. Georgia is really active and inquisitive. Always up and about.

Young Cat Georgia

Thanks so much for taking the time to send in your pictures of Brownie and Georgia. We hope to hear more about them and see more pictures soon!

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