We have a new image to add to our pictures of Cats. Meet Dixi. We brought Dixi in when she was about seven or eight weeks old. She was an outside kitten who was constantly being terrorized by two dogs we used to have outside.

Our kitten Dixi
Our kitten Dixi

Dixi was full of energy and spunk right from the get-go. She became fast friends with Hanna since they were about the same age. She taught herself how to open doors and cabinets, how to squeeze into the tiniest openings and she even began to pull pranks. For example, she would do something and we knew she did it, but she would try to pin it on Hanna or one of the other kittens.

Dixi has always been full of fun! She will be two years old this August and will still be the little brat she was when she was a kitten.


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