More fun images to add to our pictures of Cats. This is Jojo and Max. We bought Max and his pure white sister, Charlie, on the same day. We got them for my ailing Mother back in July, 2003.

Jojo is the little Kitten, Max is the Big Cat
Jojo is the little Kitten, Max is the Big Cat

Their birthdays are June 1, 2003. The following autumn my mother passed away, so Max and Charlie came home with us.

My husband and I already had three older “original” cats and Max and Charlie made five. Then we took in Van Gogh, he made six cats. Five years later little Jojo made seven!

Max and Jojo began to play together within a day or two of us finding Jojo. We found him outside in the ditch. We thought he was a stray so I sent a photo of Jojo to all of our neighbor’s homes but no one came to collect him.

After a few days I couldn’t have let him go anyway. Especially after Jojo and Max bonded so quickly. It was mystery to us how one little black and white kitten was lost from his family. Where was his mother or his siblings? We never found out.

A cat play-fight
A cat play-fight

Now I am really glad he is here. Jojo has made the other cats feel young and playful again. Before Jojo all they would to do was just eat and sleep!

I carefully picked Max from a pet store full of kittens. There must have been more then thirty cats in cages all over the store. My Mom and I spent almost two hours looking at all the kittens that day.

We looked for a kitten that was healthy and active. Some good advice I’ve have learned from the many cat books I’ve read.

I really liked the original “wild” pattern. Black stripes and spots with silver grey, like the African Jungle Cat. There was litter of six kittens with that pattern. Some kittens had no white and some kittens had lots of white.

As I watched all the kittens interact, one kitten with a white bib and paws got my attention. He was the most disruptive kitten in the cage, playing and romping around. I chose him and he became my Max!


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