We have a new image to add to our pictures of Cats. Introducing Lilly. Lilly was born on March 4, 2008. She lives in the Southern Maine part of the United States. She’s a lean, spunky cat who likes to play GOTCHA! You never know when she’ll be hiding around a corner ready to attack you!

Lilly on the stove.
Lilly on the stove.

Although feisty, Lilly is extremely gentile. She’s pretty sure of herself most of the time. She can be very mellow too and she can be moved into almost any position. She hates being home alone and will gladly go along for a ride with me in the car to do errands.

She likes it when I park in the “dumpster section” of the parking lots where there are lots of seagulls to watch and chatter at. Her favorite place to perch is on my shoulder, and she will stay there for just about as long as I let her. I have often made my breakfast, brushed my teeth and/or put on my makeup with her perched there.

Lilly also loves to sleep on top of the stove while it is still warm. She’s a very demanding (pick-me-up) kind of kitty. She sleeps on my neck. She’s a wonderful, spoiled rotten cat! Lilly also has about 35 photos on catbook and can be viewed on catbook profile view (5206068).


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