Here are some sweet images for our pictures of Cats. Meet Tigier and Dakota, a cat and dog who have lived under the same roof for over six years. They both belong to my brother Doug and his wife Karen. Here is their story about how Tigier and Dakota get along at home after a rough beginning.

trange bed fellows - Tigier and Dakota share a long deserved nap
Strange bed fellows – Tigier and Dakota share a long deserved nap

Tigier was seven years old, and the king of the house, the day we brought home a new puppy, Dakota. Tigier was not at all pleased with our new addition and let us know it by swatting at him every time the puppy got in his way.

Dakota’s father is a husky and his mother is half American Staffordshire Terrier and half Pit-Bull. We warned Tigier that “Dakota will be bigger than you one day and he better stop swatting him”. As a puppy, Dakota would cry when Tigier swatted him.

One day Dakota stood up for himself and nipped at Tigier as a warning to, “stop picking on me!” Tigiers swatting stopped and soon after the two of them got along.

These days, Dakota likes to chase Tigier around the house and Tigier, now 13 years old, is getting tired of Dakota’s games.

When we took a trip to England and Scotland for two weeks we left Tigier and Dakota at a pet lodge. We asked that they be put together during ‘social time’ so they wouldn’t feel so alone. I told the owner of the pet lodge that Dakota may chase Tigier around but Tigier was used to it.

When we got back Dakota was relived to see us; however Tigier simply wanted to go back to his bed. The owner asked us if they lived at the same address since Dakota chased Tigier everywhere and gave him no peace. We missed them so much and couldn’t wait to take them home.

Tigier takes a catnap with the family Dog, the mighty Dakota.
Tigier takes a catnap with the family Dog, the mighty Dakota.

They were both happy to be home again. That night after I got my bed ready I went downstairs for a minute. When I came back upstairs I found Tigier and Dakota side by side fast asleep in my bed. Tigier was so glad to be home I guess he didn’t mind sleeping next to Dakota.

Thanks again to Doug and Karen for the great pictures and a peek into living with a cat and dog in the same house. It just goes to show that eventually we can all learn to get along with each other.


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