Here are some fascinating images for our pictures of Cats. Meet Van Gogh and Jojo. Two wonderful cats that live together enjoying life and being well taken care of.

My husband and I have seven cats now. Shown here below is Van Gogh. He has one eye and is six years old. He is very full of mischief. We got him when he was about one year old. He required an operation to have his eye socket cleaned up and permanently closed. It was remnants of a damaged eye, which didn’t seem to bother him at all, but it looked terrible.

No one could tell us what made it that way. Van Gogh’s previous owner could not afford his surgery, so I gently convinced him to give Van Gogh to me as was able to afford to help Van Gogh.

One must have a little money to keep these cats. They require annual medicals with vaccinations, emergencies, money for the best food, care, and toys. Lets not forget their toys for entertainment!

Van Gogh is and always was…a NUT! Having him around is like having a raccoon or a ferret. He gets into everything. He is very curious and mischievous. My younger cats liked him right away.

They still all play together, go out together, sleep together, eat together.

The small kitten is Jojo, a stray who all of us fell in love with right away. Jojo is about four months old now. Jojo and van Gogh like to play together a lot. It took a couple of weeks before Van Gogh would accept Jojo. I knew it was only a matter of time so I was patient with him.

We all live in Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia, Canada. We’re on a salt lake/marsh called Cow Bay Lake. My husband and I have had various cats of our own. We have had two or three at a time. When we got married their were five cats and now we have seven. Jojo was an unexpected surprise.

This is van Gogh’s regular face. You can hardly tell he only has one eye because of the black markings and white line where it used to be. The Doctors sewed it up so neatly that you can hardly tell the difference. They did a great job.

Here is Van Gogh yawning after an afternoon nap. One-eyed cats are often quite “nutty”, as the brain is mapped out a little different than others’. This allows even more room for curiosity and mischief! ”

This is Jojo the first morning after he was brought home, June 12th.
This is Jojo the first morning after he was brought home, June 12th.

We found him crying like a lost baby outside in the ditch by our driveway in the dark of night! Who could leave a little baby kitty all alone like that? To this day we still do not know where he came from.

We live on a lake at the end of a road. We are the last house surrounded by woods. Could someone have driven to the end of the road, and just left him here? Who could do such a thing?

My husband suggested that he is feral, but where is the rest of his family, why was he all alone? Where is his mother?

We looked for more kittens, a mother, a box or bag, footprints, tire tracks, evidence, or answers, and found nothing, just a little tiny wild black kitten without a home.

We put out flyers with his photo and asked neighbors, but no one called or came to claim him. I have had him to the vet for various tests and needles and de-worming.

Jojo has brought new life into our family and we are happy that Little Jojo has joined our “Band of Cats.”

I guess Jojo is here to stay!


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