New fun images for our pictures of Cats. Meet Daisy, aka: The Spitfire. Next we have Daisy. Daisy was also a rescue, though that was not apparent at first.

Pictures of Cats - Daisy
Daisy the cat hanging out with her little friends

Back in 1995, when we moved to a small town north of Guelph, my husband made the mistake of wandering into the local pet store (not a place we would normally frequent, you understand) on the main drag.

We already had 2 cats in a one-bedroom apartment in a century home and we really did not need another cat. (Who ever really needs another animal?)

When my husband told me about the new kittens in the pet store, I just had to see them. That was his mistake. When I saw the little black and white farm kittens, I was put in mind of the heifer calves that were prevalent in the farms on the outskirts of town. I picked up one little female and I was hooked!

Home but not safe
When we brought her home with store-promises of her having been defleaed and dewormed, we thought everything would be fine. That is, until we noticed the little rice-like bits hanging off her back end. Yuck! Not to mention, she was scratching her little head off and shaking it like mad.

Pictures of Cats - Daisy
Daisy is stretched out for maximum coverage

The local vet told us she was riddled with fleas, worms and ear-mites. Poor wee thing! So, a whopping bill later, we had her on the mend, had disinfected our entire apartment and after much hemming and hawing, christened her “Daisy”. (She lived with “Orca” for a day, but it just didn’t suit.)

A rough night
One evening, not long after, Daisy was playing with a little springy toy on a wire and all the excitement caused a seizure. We were petrified. The vet instructed us on the phone, saying that it was common with kittens, but we had her wrapped in a towel and with us all that night long nonetheless.

Miraculously, in the middle of the night, she snapped out of the malaise completely and made her way into the bed where she tucked into my husband’s armpit and started treading like a newborn. This has been a nightly ritual ever since.

Daisy is a multitude of traits; she is a snuggler, an ear-wax scavenger, a swiper, a madcap little bundle of delight. Although she’s over 12 years old, she still looks and acts like a kitten and she brings us tranquility and joy. The way she interacts with our other cats, we call her the “Spitfire”, although Gilbert, her adopted brother, is her buddy.

Daisy, Daisy
She’s not lazy
Tearing through the house
Like crazy
Up and down the stairs
She flies
Up the wall
A climb she tries
But who’s that trilling
In the hall?
She spins around
Sends out the call
“Come and join me
In the bed.
Let me burrow!
Let me tread!
Ten minutes merely
All I need–
Recalling mother’s
Sweet breastfeed
Then some space other
Shall I flit
Till I require
Some more armpit”
Our little heifer
Black and white
So sweet and gentle
Soft and light
But not one eve’
Can we be lax
And take ye heed
She craves earwax!

Kathleen Mortensen 2007

Pictures of Cats - Daisy
Daisy is checking out the neighbourhood activity.

Pictures of Cats - Daisy
Hey Daisy, what ‘cha doing down there?


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