Exciting new images for our Pictures of Cats. Meet Blanche. The Scene-stealing Old Lady. It was January when we rescued our pure white DSH from a Newmarket Humane Society shelter in 1994. We were told she was approximately a year old and had been found wandering in the chill winter weather.

Pictures of Cats - Blanche
Blanche is a true eccentric beauty.

We should have had an inkling that she would be a scene-stealer. To get my attention, she extended her paw through the bars of her cage and snagged my sweater. I was smitten and so was my husband. We already had my cat, Gilbert and wanted another to call “Sullivan”, but here was no Sullivan!

She needed a name befitting the eccentric beauty that she is and we came up with the name Blanche. It’s been nearly 14 years and now we call her “The Old Lady” or “Queen B”.

Blanche rules the roost over our other three felines, but no matter how snarky she gets with them, she’s always a sweetheart to us. It’s not uncommon in our house to find Blanche and Red in their “heraldic crest” pose, engaged in a battle with paws a-flailing or hear her hiss like a rattler, surprised.

Pictures of Cats - Blanche
Blanche calmly sleeps in a sea of vibrant color.

One of her most unusual behaviors is to pull the sheer drape in the hallway around herself, thus screening her from intruders to her space. We call this “the mosquito net”. On the other hand, Queen B is known as “the Usurper” as it is her regular practice to force others out of their comfy spot so she can snuggle in, as if it were her right. She loves heat. Blanche is always the first one to a roaring fire, her pink ears enflame to the colour of bubblegum.

Pictures of Cats - Blanche
Blanche in her mosquito net

Blanche is the Lon Chaney of cats. She does many impersonations, some even on demand. One of her best is “The Beluga“, but she also does “The Pink Panther“, and “The Old Chinese Man”. She is a feline of tremendous talent!

When you come to our house, you are immediately accosted by the Queen of Dane Street. She loves when people ooh and ahh over her obvious beauty and will reward them with a profusion of purrs.

Pictures of Cats - Blanche
Standing up for cats everywhere.


Dane Street’s queen
Is on her throne
She much prefers it
On her own
Unless of course
You’ve come to rub
Or brush, or coo
Or offer grub
Then Blanche unleashes
All her charms
And twirls and curls
And so disarms
Whoever is offering
The goods
That we forget,
Her many moods
The early hisses,
Swipes, and scratches
Head-butts, nips, and
Fur in patches
Down the stairs
The spirit-cat
Of icy glares
Catch off guard
And mediation
Can come hard
But would we shed
Our cat of snow,
Not for a million;
Heavens, no!

Kathleen Mortensen 2007

Pictures of Cats - Blanche
The Queen B on her royal pillow.

Pictures of Cats - Blanche
Taking an eccentric sun bath.

Pictures of Cats - Blanche
Behold the obvious beauty of the Queen of Dane Street.

Pictures of Cats - Blanche
‘The Usurper’ snuggles into a comfy, warm spot – with a view!


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