Cute new images for our Pictures of Cats. Let’s welcome this adorable little creature to the world. This is Ava-gaborski. She 3 days old and extremely cute. Tiny too. Our reader, Deborah, tells us more about Ava:

3 day old Ava-gaborski
3 day old kitten, Ava-gaborski

“Here a couple of kitten pictures that I took of miss ava-gaborski. She was one of my foster kittens (I do volunteer work the l.a. county shelter in downey). She was about 3 days old here. I also cropped this one down so that it is just my husbands hands and her.
One of the best parts of fostering kittens/puppies is that you get to name them!”

3 Day old Kitten
Why can’t kittens always stay this small?

Thanks tons for sending in these wonderful pictures of Ava. We love them. Please send us pictures as she grows up if you can. It would be great to know how she’s doing.


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