Presenting more wonderful pictures of cats and story sent in by our reader, Robin. We really enjoyed getting the pictures and reading about these four beauties and we hope you do too. We especially were happy to see that these Cats are rescues and have found a good loving home.

Chaska - pictures of cats

Here is what Robin has to say about her Cats:

“I have four Felines in my family. All of them are rescues.

Their ages range from 4 to 13. Their birthdays all fall on April 1st. They all have beautiful blue eyes, except for Savannah who as green and gold eyes.

Mz Jazzy Puur - pictures of cats

My eldest is Mz. Jazzy Purr. She is classified as a Ragdoll breed. She is my Angel. We’ve been through a lot together.

Chaska - pictures of cats

The “Mom” of the group is Chaska. Chaska is a lilac seal point. None of my girls are actually Chaska’s babies, but she tends to the two younger girls as her own.

Savannah Rhae - pictures of cats

Then we have Savannah Rhae. I’m not sure of her breed type, but she is a very unique cat. She has tons of personality and she is vocal with her wants.

Harley Quinn - pictures of cats

Harley Quinn - pictures of cats

Last but not least, is the Baby of the group. Harley Quinn. Harley is classified as a Flame Point. She is just like a little kid. Vocal, full of energy and at times a bit of a bully. As a kitten, she would sit on my shoulder as I did chores, cooked dinner or watched TV. She continues to do so to this day, though she looks like a furry scarf over my shoulders.

My sons and I just adore our girls. They are truly a huge part of our lives.”

Thanks again for taking the time to send in your pictures and story. We look forward to more pictures in the near future.


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