There have been some strange, weird oddities going on around here which always seem to happen at this time of year. It’s no surprise though with Halloween just around the corner.

Ghostly cats, paranormal activity and creepy grimaces have all become the norm around here.

Take a look for yourself.

Pictures of cats - Ghostly Dax
Dax seems to be half ghost half cat. Maybe he’s walking through some kind of paranormal portal?

Pictures of Cats - Dax evil grin
Dax doesn’t seem to be his usual cat self with this creepy, evil grin. Has someone else gotten under our cats skin?

Pictures of Cats - Jasmine as a ghost?
A ghostly Jasmine walks in the room a little more transparent than usual.

Pictures of Cats - Jasmine as a ghost?
Is Jasmine having an out of fur experience?

Pictures of Cats - Jasmine as a ghost?
Here is Jasmine walking the halls as a spooky ghost. Oooh, scary stuff!

Pictures of Cats - Dax sees dead things?
Dax seems to be surrounded by some kind of spirit cluster

Pictures of Cats - Jade two faced
Jade has entered into some kind of ether induced dead zone where all time is distorted

Pictures of Cats - Dax and spirts
Dax is barely affected by the paranormal energy racing through him.

Pictures of Cats - Jade in a ghostly state
Jade wants to use his ghostly power to haunt the kitchen just enough to be able to raid the fridge!

Pictures of Cats - Dax in a spirit swirl
Dax sits and watches as errie spirts circle around him.

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