A Day in the Life of a Cat (and Dog).

Here’s a look into the mind of a cat and dog by way of a page from each of their dairys. The differences are not to surprising but very funny. Especially the cat of course. If this is an example of what one of our cats would say in a Dairy entery, it would be...

How to say ‘Cat’ in other languages

Have you ever wondered how to say “Cat” in other languages? I have. If you’re a cat-lover who travels a lot or you’re just curious here is a list of how to say “Cat” in other languages. Cat in Danish is kat Cat in Dutch is kattekop Cat in Finnish is kissa...

77 Cat Quotes that are the Cats meow!

Here is a collection of some of our favorite quotes about Cats. They are from a wide range of people including Leoardo DaVinci, Lewis Caroll, W.C. Fields and Groucho Marx to name a few. They all had some very interesting things to say about our feline friends. We...
Jade has a Ball!

Jade has a Ball!

One night Jade came into the room and plopped herself down right beside one of the kids toys. It was a little blue ball. She swatted at it and it rolled over to me. “So we’re playing in the playroom now, are we?” I asked. I rolled the ball back to...
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