After seeing our post on money origami cats created by Roman Diaz, a reader asked us if we knew how to actually make a money origami cat from a dollar bill. We thought that was a great question and starting looking around for paper folding instructions on how to make a money origami cat from a dollar bill.

Cat Money Origami

To our surprise we found not only the instructions for a money origami cat, but a bunch of other paper folding instructions for origami cats that range from simple paper folding to very advanced origami.

The simple origami cats are a good place to start if you haven’t done any origami before. If you decide to jump right into the more advanced origami cats or work your way up, be sure to exercise extreme patience and give yourself plenty of time to work on the advanced origami. Take a few practice runs and before long you’ll be folding paper like the origami masters.

So, without further delay, here are the origami cats we found that start with the simple paper folding projects and end with the more advanced origami cats.

Easy Origami Cat

How to Make an Origami Cat

Origami Cat – 25 steps (PDF)

Origami Cat Part 1 – Cat Head

Origami Cat Part 2 – Cat Body

Origami Cat – Kitten Folding Instructions

Origami Cat by Gilad Aharoni – Video

Towel Origami Cat Video

Origami Cat – intermediate

Origami Cat – Thin Cat (PDF) – Advanced

Money Origami – The Arched Cat – Part 1

Money Origami – The Arched Cat – Part 2

Money Origami Cat Folding Instructions (PDF)

There are lots of Books on Origami Cats if you need help with the above instructions or would like to learn more about origami. You can also buy many different types of origami paper if you are low on your origami supplies.

If you have a good origami cat to share with us please let us know in the comments. Have you made an origami cat? Tell us how it turned out in the comments. Happy paper folding.

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