Rich Cats

Many people have been leaving their fortunes to their beloved pets ever since the 19th century. Many countries don’t allow wealthy people to leave money to their pets. Owners have found a way around this restriction by setting up a charity foundation that would provide care for their pet after they are gone. Today there are over a million wills in the US that have animals in them. Would your pet happen to be one of them?

Many pets have inherited some impressive amounts of money living wonderful lives long after their owners have gone and Cat’s are no exception. We’ve put together a list of Cats who have received fortunes from their very generous and loving owners. They are some of the richest Cats in the world.


When Ben Rhea died he left $15 million to a variety of cat charities and a part of that fortune to his cat Blackie with nothing going to his relatives. We’re not certain what percentage Blackie received but we’re certain it was enough to provide Blackie with all the food and care he would need for the remainder of his life and beyond.

Miss Foyles 9 Cats

Christina Foyle, the late bookshop queen, left all her nine cats to her former housekeeper Maureen Harding, an avid cat lover, along with a $140,000 cottage for them to live in.
As time passed Maureen had four cats left and decided to sell the cottage and buy a new home in Essex for her and the cats.

Top Cat and Matilda

These two cats where left with $20,000 in 2004 when their owner, a retired librarian, died. Their owner lived modestly when it came to her own needs, but felt her cats deserved a little more.

Beryl Reid’s Cats

Hamish, Boon, Eileen, Coco and Tuffnel inherited a $1.8 million cottage when their owner Beryl died. While the Cats lived in the house a friend was commissioned to take care of them.

Red the Tabby Cat

When the wealthy bachelor David Harper died he left his $1.1 million estate to his cat Red. The United Church of Canada is looking after Red and he will have the best food, bedding and medical care for the rest of his life.
Tinker the Cat

Tinker the Cat

Tinker is a real rags to riches story. Tinker was a stray that regularly visited Margaret Layne who lived in Harrow, Middlesex. When Tinker was eight Margaret died at the age of 89. She left her $226,000 trust fund to Tinker. He was also given the run of Margaret’s three bedroom house along with trustees who were set-up to provide Tinker with food and milk on a daily basis.
The house was to remain open for 21 years or until Tinker died whichever came first.
Tinker’s newly acquired wealth also had its fair share of danger. A few months after Margaret died Tinker received death threats and calls from people envious of his inheritance. For his safety Tinker was moved to a safe house in mid-Wales.

Fluffy, the Ginger Tom

When Fluffy’s owner, Mary Burton, passed away she left her entire estate to the Green Animal Shelter under the condition that her cat was well cared for. Fluffy lived in the house and received $60,000 from Mary. Fluffy’s diet, which consisted of steamed cod, lean roast beef, milk, fresh pilchards and vegetables was pre-arranged along with a ritual of daily sun and relaxation. Fluffy’s quality of life is better than most people and is almost worth $1 Million.

Brownie and Hellcat

During the 1960s Brownie and Hellcat each received $415,000 from their owner Dr. William Grier after he died. Another of Dr. Grier’s cats, Charlie, received $250,000. Brownie and Hellcat have since passed away although their fortunes have grown to a value of $4.1 Million.

Do you know of any other Rich Cats? Are you leaving your fortune to your Cat or Cats so they are properly cared for when you’re gone? Let us know in the comments.

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