It’s been 3 days since Spooky disappeared. We’ve been out looking for him everyday without any luck. It seems like we’ve looked everywhere and are running out of places to look.

I put his food dish on the front porch along with some cat treats hoping it would help him find his way back home. If anything it’ll keep him fed. Normally, I wouldn’t worry about Spooky, but he’s an indoor cat who has never been out of the house beyond the backyard.

If you’ve ever lost a pet you understand how frustrating it is to not know anything about where they are. After three days of Spooky missing, we finally got somewhere in our search late last night.

I looked out on the front porch around 11:30pm and noticed Spooky’s food dish was empty. I decided to go out and look around just in case Spooky had been by.

I went out with a flashlight looking in the porches and gardens of each house. I must have went in the right direction because after minutes I looked down the street and saw something sitting on the sidewalk looking at me. It was Spooky!

It was the weirdest feeling seeing him there all of a sudden. I couldn’t believe my eyes. As I walked up to him he ran up onto the front porch of a house. He was wet from the rain, dirty and scared.

It seemed as if he didn’t even know who I was. He started growling and meowing. I sat a few feet from him and tried to calm him down. I wanted to grab him but stopped myself.

After a few minutes Spooky ran past me down the porch to the sidewalk. He turned and looked at me once more before he ran, faster than I’ve ever seen him run, down the street an into the back lane. I followed as fast as I could but when I got to the back lane he was gone.

At least now I knew he was outside and in our area. Plus he was coming to his food dish. I went back home and told my wife what had happened and went back out in hopes to find him. I spent another two hours scouring the area for him. With no success, I figured Spooky wasn’t ready to come home just yet.

I put out some more food for Spooky, extra treats, catnip and his cat carrier and went to bed hoping tomorrow would be better.

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